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The Ride Across America
The Richard Owen Veteran Memorial Tour
was held on Friday November 11, 2011
Please help us prepare for next year!

Pinellas Trail Map
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Starting Point -- Demens Landing at First Ave. So. and Shore Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida at 7:30 a.m. Arrive with bike, helmut, (shirts available), water, snacks. We will stop for lunch at the half-way point in Largo, Fl at McDonalds.

Click To See Profiles. The Ride will end in Tarpon Springs aproximately 5 hours later. There will be a celbration BBQ and cool down gathering afterwards

*If transportation is needed for the ride back please contact us beforehand.

.The Pinellas Trail Overview (MAP)
Complete Map in Sections
Pinellas County Gov. Trail Guide

Richard Owen (below) died Sept. 26th, 2007. at the V.A. Hospice, Bay Pines, Fl. as the result of several major health issues. He was diabetic, on dialysis, and in the end developed liver cancer. He was also hepatitis C positive. We believe all of these health issues could have been avoided had the V.A screened and tested Richard for viral hepatitis earlier. This event is for him and the many other Veteran's who are at risk or are not yet aware they may have been exposed to hepaitis. A reported 62 % of Vietnem era Veteran's and 18% of post Desert Storm Veteran's are hepatitis C positive.**

The Ride Across America

At Veteran' Hospice Bay Pines Florida

Anne,Randy, Rick, and Geoff

A bicycle tour from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, Florida
to be held Nov. 11(?), 2012. Please contact us for more information. To support our effort to raise awareness of viral hepatitis among our veteran's. We are looking for individuals to ride with us and sponsor's to help promote the cause. For a list of needs please click HERE.

email: randyowen@suncoasthepcfriends.org

Call Us @ (727)641-3953

Viral hepatitis does not discrimate in who it may infect. However it does strike several groups of people with alarmingly high rates per capita. Our American Veteran's, those who guard America's future, are of a particularly high rate of incidence. The website HCVets.com reports that:

"One in 10 US Veterans are infected with HCV", a rate 5 times greater than the 1.8% infection rate of the general population.

Of the total number of persons who were hepatitis C antibody positive, and reported an era of service, 62.7% were noted to be from the Vietnam era and the second most frequent group is listed as post-Vietnam at 18.2%, or those Veteran's in service after that period until now.

It is obvious that Veteran's as a group need to be screened and tested for the hepatitis C virus (HCV) or they are at high risk for complications from the disease as it progresses. Many of these Vietnam era Veteran's are now at such a risk. One of them who did not make it is former Marine Corps Veteran Richard B. Owen who died in 2007 of liver cancer, the leading cause of liver transplantation today, and of which one-in four are HCV positive. (see story)

The Richard Owen Veteran Memorial Ride is a benefit and awareness raising bicycle ride/tour from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, Florida. Originally the tour/ride was to be held over four days on May 13-16, 2011. However, pulling this event together has proven to be a larger task than anticipated and has required us to rethink the plan. This being the first year and beginning event we have decided to limit the tour to one day latter this summer. W will ride the entire Pinellas Trail from where starts in downtown St. Petersburg to the end in Tarpon Springs. This will allow us to concentrate more on the local area for support and engagement in the tour. We will probably have some kind of outdoor event at the finish and invite local participants to speak and rally for support here in Pinellas County rather than try to include the entire state. Please bear with us as we pull this event together. The event will still carry it's message that we can not leave our Veteran's behind, neither on the battlefield or at home. Join us as we spread this message of hope and help for all who are affected bu viral hepatitis.

For more detailed information make sure to view the PDF map and contact us at:

And Remember...
All Veteran's, according to the Vetaran's Healthcare Administration (VHA) who are Hepatitis C positve should be treated for the virus,PDF Document: Treatment Guidelines for Veteran's with Hepititis C HERE


Below details "The Ride Across America: Peloton of Hope"
of which "The Richard Owen Veteran Memorial Ride" would become the first stage to Tallahassee, Florida in the future.
Links To Documents detailing this event(pdf&msword)

* Transportation to (727)482-2920
* *Reported by www.hepcvets.org

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The Ride Across America

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